EKSO is India’s 1st and only orchestra with non-acoustic instruments. The whole idea of the orchestra is to give the keyboard instrument its true value for the stuffs it can do. Electronic keyboard instrument is in existence from many years but the approach towards learning or performing on it is very limited. The most under-rated instrument with the capabilities to outperform any other instrument is what we are trying to display with our concert.

The U.S.P of EKSO is that there are no acoustic instruments used during performances, instead the tweaked sounds with processing done using the inbuilt functions of the electronic keyboards, we have tried to reach as near as possible to the acoustic instruments. The harmonies and symphonies will be sustained with a twist of digital flavour.

It is a unique concept to have such and orchestra where the performers are children, in orchestra uniform, playing orchestral symphonies. The Keyboards used in the concert are various models of “YAMAHA” Brand keyboards. Yamaha is the oldest company making musical instruments and it makes almost all musical instruments, hence the sound quality if very appealing.

This is a dream concert of the founder of Destiny Digital Music Academy Mr. Prem Haria which he had been planning from past many years. His experience in teaching the instrument and also performing it, has helped the students in creating EKSO. The band will be performing live on their first concert and also will be releasing their ORIGINALY COMPOSED SONGS on YouTube.

EKSO concert is a magic of Music + Technology. Which can be seen during their live performances. EKSO is an orchestra which has musicians as young as 5yrs old to 17yrs old kids. Its India’s 1st of its Kind Orchestra. A visual treat for the audience who will witness the concert. There are many such concerts planned with some unique themes for the future.

In the Present world everything is Digital. The technology these days have also upgraded music and musical instruments. The advanced technology these days have enabled every musician to have home studio setups. Those days are gone where there were plenty of musicians required to record a song, now we make use of D.A.W. (Digital Audio Workstations) and VSTi (Virtual Studio Technology Instruments) now only one person with his desktop computer / laptop setup along with a MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) enabled keyboard can do wonders to a song without compromising the quality of music. It is also very cost effective, time saving and fast. The richness and depth of sounds of the acoustic instruments have been possible to sustain in these modern age digital sounds and instruments. There is a saying that “Everyone has to change with the changing times”. We are just trying to do the same with our orchestra.