Sheet Music


We offer sheet music of popular Hindi songs with Basic, Intermediate and Advance level of playing. The person who wants to learn a specific song will have to register with us for a crash course which will be an online lesson to learn his/her favorite song by paying a nominal fee, which will go directly to the musicians who have put great efforts to make the notes and are also there to guide the student to learn and master the songs with ease by giving them skype sessions. The notes of the songs will be in Keyboard, Piano and Guitar Instruments so the student can pick up the desired song in the instrument that they know to play already. The sheet music will be couriered to the student as a hard copy within a week of order placed, once the student gets his sheet he/she will have to login on the website with the login id provided along with the sheet music for video tutorials. If the student needs the softcopy of the song then they too will have to login using the login id and password that will be provided to them via sms and mail. For assistance in learning the song the student will have to whatsapp us their available timings so that a session can be arranged for them to learn the song. We also provide home visit to the student if required to learn the song which will be charged extra.