Prem sir has been teaching keyboard my kids Nathan and Isabelle for almost a year now. He is a brilliant and skilful teacher. My kids enjoy their weekly class and always look forward to it. Prem sir has a unique way of identifying the potential of each of my kids and have trained them accordingly and has been very patient with them. I am very happy with their progress and their improving interest. I would love to recommend him to any parent who is looking for a skilled and enthusiastic teacher for their kids.

Fancy Alukka (Mother) (Cypress – Mulund West)

My daughter Rujul sachdev has been taking keyboard lessons from Prem Sir for last 2 years. Her playing is getting better and stronger and she is lucky to be learning music at a deep level from a young age. Prem Sir is amazing music teacher and a mentor. I would recommend him for anyone looking for greater achievement and enjoyment in music.

Vanita Sachdev (Mother) (Mulund Colony)

I have known prem for about 12 years now. What I have always loved about learning from prem firstly is that he makes sure that he gives individual attention to every student and secondly he doesn't really focus on teaching people Bollywood songs and catchy numbers. He prefers teaching them classical music with staff notations and over the years I developed this taste for Mozart, Schuman and Rachmaninov and I think it all has to do with prem teaching me to pick the right kind of music to really understand and learn.

Aakash Prabhakar (Theatre Artist) (Yogi Hills – Mulund West)

My daughter Anushka was earlier learning from Prem sir at school (Bombay Scottish –Mahim) and now at home. She is a child who loses interest very fast but since her association with prem sir she loves piano n keyboard. She looks forward to her weekly class n thoroughly enjoys it. As parent I love the energy n fun way in which sir teaches her!!

Swati Bahorey (Mother) (Chandivali)

Prem Sir from destiny digital music academy has been teaching music to my children for the last 7 years. With his passion for music, his kind and gentle nature with the children there's no one else who I can think about when it comes to learning keyboard & Piano. My main aim to start with the classes for my children was for them to enjoy music while playing an instrument... And I can say that he's helped them do just that. My elder one Shaurya Mittal is now 12 and my younger one who is 7 has also been learning from Sir, for the past 1 year. Prem Sir is a wonderful person and human being and we as a family wish him great luck in all his endeavours.

Yukti Mittal (Mother) (Powai)

We did an experiment by sending our daughter Krisha to destiny digital music academy at age of 3.5 years, never thought that just half hour session per week will give so much fruits to us in just one an half year, she plays with both the hands. Apart, staff pattern prem sir teaches is a universal method of learning music acceptable everywhere in the world. He also prepares students for Trinity College of music London’s grade examinations which is best part.

Anaaya & Anand Nathani (Parents) (Mulund West)

Mr. Prem Haria has this wonderful ability to connect and engage at a comfortable pace which keeps the child engaged at all times. Anirudh has immensely benefited from his balanced approach which is encouraging but still instils discipline as a quality which we believe is a necessity for any performing art. Thank you sir for keeping Anirudh's interest in learning music going.

Sudharsana Saikrishnan (Mother) (Mulund West)

My son Surya has got back his passion n commitment for keyboard from the time he has joined Destiny Digital Music Academy. Even in his busy schedule of studies and college he still takes out time to practise the keyboard and also shows great excitement and satisfaction when he gets a complex lesson right. Thanks to Prem sir from Destiny Digital Music Academy his systematic & easy way of coaching.

Vidya Venkatraman (Mother) (Mulund West - Sri Nagar)

Manas is being trained by Prem Sir on Keyboard for close to 2 years now and he has improved significantly in his Keyboard and piano playing skills. He has also performed in his school in front of many students and teachers and got second prize. This has incredibly increased his confidence in performing in front of the audience. I would like to thank Prem sir for his spot on coaching and look forward to his guidance even in future…

Seema Parulkar (Mother)