One of the most demanded music style of today’s generation gives you the opportunity to learn various styles like Ballad, Jazz, Blues, Rock, Pop, Country, Contemporary Classical, EDM, Techno etc… Western Music is very popular amongst the new generation since it gives them a variety of styles to listen and learn. Western Music is very organized form of music style to learn as whatever is thought theoretically is all written on the sheets and practical for the young generation. There are a variety of instruments one can learn in the western music form such as Digital Keyboard, Drums, guitar, singing etc… Western music follows a pattern of Sight reading and playing which is again very practical instead of remembering the songs and pieces it’s always better to read them through sheet music and perform.


Digital Keyboard

Which is also called as “One Man Army” is the most practical instrument ever made. It comes with loads of Features and sounds both Acoustic and Synth. Imagine if you want to play a piano, flute, strings, violin, drums, bass guitar, acoustic guitar etc…. will you learn them all? Do you have so much of time or patience to master all these instruments? The Digital Keyboard makes a musician’s life a lot easy by giving them a freedom to explore and enhance their playing and performing skills. We Teach Digital Keyboard with three levels consisting of Basic, Intermediate and Advance.


Digital Drums

Since we now have everything digital in our lives to suit our convenience, so we have the music these days becoming digital and so are the instruments as well. Drums is a very noisy instrument which needs a sound proof environment to practice and learn as well it consumes a lot of space in the house. To tackle all these issues we come up with “Digital Drums” It comes with lot of friendly and practical features such as Headphone jack, aux jack, preset sound patches, Kits, Inbuilt Teacher etc… it looks very different from the acoustic drums but feels and plays just like real one. At DDMA we offer teaching Digital Drums to our students with the expert supervision of our teachers who are well verse with the new technology of music.



Considered as one of the most desirable instrument to play by all the age groups this is a very famous instrument and is the 1st choice of all the aspiring musicians, hobbyist’s musicians, kids, teenage children etc… Though being a very portable instrument and one of the sweet sounding instrument it comes with its challenges of playing and tuning. It is one of the Difficult instrument while learning but at DDMA we teach this instrument with a lot of ease, understanding and patience. We teach various forms of guitars in DDMA such as Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Bass Guitar, Rock Guitar, Flamenco Guitar, Spanish Guitar, and Classical Guitar etc… The age Group for this instrument is strictly restricted to 10yrs and above since it is made of sharp strings the tender fingers of the young kids are not meant to play this instrument while also needing that amount of patience and maturity in learning this instrument.


Music Production

This is a very Advance course only meant for students who are looking forward to make a carrier in music industry. This Course specifically requires advance level of keyboarding and a vast knowledge of music theory and practical, since this course introduces the student to a different Digital and Technological World of Music, It is one of the most in thing these days among the new generation who is exposed to gadgets and machines. It makes your music composing easy job and of very professional level. The basic fundamental of this course is that music has no boundaries. Music Production is all together a different world of music enabling the artist with lots of different virtual instruments and effects to processors and controllers. It helps the musician in making music faster and easier by using software and Virtual Instruments. This course is a lot in demand these days as it makes a musician an Army of many soldiers. At DDMA We train our students in music production with projects like animation movies, home videos, ad commercials, movie background scores, making songs etc… At successfully completing the course we give our student a complete setup of the Computer system with some pre-loaded DAW and vsti’s for them to carry on with the Music Production Which is the 1st of its kind in the Country.



This is one of the Oldest of the Musical Instrument known to mankind. It is one of the sweetest sounding instrument as well. At DDMA we teach piano only with “Western Classical Music” We teach piano to our students using the biographies of the popular western classical music composers like Beethoven, Bach, Chopin, Shubert, Schumann, Tchaikovsky, Mozart , Liszt, Brahms etc… Piano is one of the 2nd most desirable instrument for the music enthusiast. Piano enables a student to play the music with both their hands and also to play their favorite tunes and songs with ease. Its keys are heavy since it is made of WOOD. It requires a lot of practice to perfect the lessons on the piano. At DDMA we teach you the piano with history & masterpieces. We also train our students to compose their own songs with the similar creativity of their favorite composer as well to study a specific composer and understand his work, appreciate his music, analyze his music and be a master pianist them self.



In this course we focus on the western form of singing. We train students how to use the breathing techniques, facial muscles, project their voice, pitching, ear training, vocal exercises etc. We also use some audio visuals to train the students of some advance vocal techniques used by professional artists worldwide. We also use the method of “Vaccai” which is the Italian form of singing exercise and also is preferred by the artists worldwide. There are lessons and songs to be learnt in this course where we have the live piano playing to get the proper pitch of the student and thus the learning is fun and exciting.

Course Details

Basic Level

1 year duration (Age Group: 5 years and above)

  • Theory of Music
  • Introduction to Staff Notations
  • Sight Reading
  • Both Hands playing
  • Major Scales
  • Chords
  • Simple tunes
  • Western classical tunes
  • Some hindi songs

Students can appear for Trinity college of Music Grade Initial, 1st & 2nd (Electronic Keyboard) Exams

Intermediate Level

After Completing Basic level or student having equivalent knowledge is eligible for this course (1 year duration) Age Group: 13 years and above

  • Minor Scales (Natural)
  • Chords (6th, 7th, Major 7th, Minor 7th, Diminished, Augmented etc….)
  • Western Classical tunes in Keyboard Style
  • History of western classical composers and their era and type of composing styles
  • Ear training
  • Different genre in western music
  • Mixing two voices and generating a new voice

Student can appear for Trinity College of Music Grade 3rd, 4th & 5th (Electronic Keyboard) Exams

Advance Level

After Completing Basic & Intermediate Level or Student having equivalent knowledge is eligible for this course. (1.5 year duration) Age Group: 15 years and above)

  • Introduction to the Acoustic instruments and their ranges to play on the keyboard
  • Songs Arranging, Sequencing
  • Writing staff notations for the songs
  • Composing own songs
  • Introduction to the DAW and vsti’s for Music Production. (Demo Versions)
  • Introduction to the Keyboard level of Music Production.
  • Making own accompaniment styles using advance and professional keyboards.

Student can appear for Trinity College of Music Grade 6th, 7th & 8th (Digital Keyboard) Exams.

Course Details

Guitar Course for Beginners at DDMA


  • Staves & Clefs
  • The Chromatic Scale
  • All About Octaves
  • Rhythmic Values
  • Time Signature in Simple Meter
  • Compound & Asymmetric Meter
  • Tuplets / Group lets
  • Repeated Signs & Repeated Segments
  • Dynamics , Articulations , Slurs & Tempo Marking


  • Anatomy of Guitar
  • Tuning
  • Different type of tunings and Tuning with a digital tuner
  • Different types of Strumming
  • Different types of Picking
  • Articulation
  • Vibratos
  • Bends / Unison Bends

Guitar Course for Intermediate at DDMA


  • Major Scales
  • The Circle of Fifths
  • Learning the Major key
  • Minor Scales
  • Key Signatures
  • Scales Degree & Names
  • Major & Natural Minor Scales


  • Alternate Picking
  • Economic Picking
  • Hybrid Picking
  • Exercises for Finger fluency
  • Hammering and Pull offs
  • Analysis of Famous simple tracks by “Ear Training"
  • Shapes to practice Scales
  • 5th Position on Guitar

Guitar Advance Course at DDMA


  • Modes
  • Major , Minor , Augmented , Diminished Scales
  • Diatones
  • Intervals & Transposition
  • Triads & 7th Chords
  • 9th , 11th , 13th , Sus2 , Sus 4 Chords
  • Introduction to Harmonic Analysis
  • Harmonic Minor Scales


  • Strengthening Picking & Strumming
  • String Skipping Exercises
  • Legato Exercises
  • String Skipping Exercises
  • Modal Exercises
  • Sweeping Technique
  • Improvising to a given Melody
  • Improvising to your own Melody
  • Identifying and Covering given material by “Ear Training"